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Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery "Veveriţa" is a recently formed monastic settlement, situated on the outskirts of the village with the same name

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery is located in the village of the same name, Singerei district, 105 km from Chisinau, 40 km from Balti.


New Year - January 1

Национальные праздники


   In Moldova, many official holidays are celebrated. Those days when they fall holidays are officially declared. This series of celebrations usually start from the beginning of the calendar year, we celebrated New Year (December 31-January 1). I

   n the capital's central square on 31 December between the government of the country and the cathedral, national celebrations are held, including carol concerts, demonstrations, fun games, and beat the clock as time series end at 12 noatea, there is a great fireworks. Everyone can join in the celebration.

   Traditionally, New Year celebrations are celebrated in the family or close friends, giving priority to spending sărbptorii quietly. Everyone looks forward to the coming of Santa Claus with a sleigh full of gifts, especially this thing they want most children. Children prepare themselves for this event, they expect the whole year. They prepare their plays performed by different suits, poiezii, masks, songs and of course wish for Santa.

  In fact, during this period the national holidays calendar coincides with the Christian holidays. This is related to the birth of Christ, Christmas.


Marţisor - March 1

Национальные праздники

    Martisor is a traditional holiday is considered the symbol of spring in Moldova. Feast is celebrated on March 1, when relatives and friends gave people a Martisor, which is a red and white braided yarn, which signifies the rebirth of nature, symbol of new life and early spring. Even if this day is not free, however the streets felt the celebration of their bearers.

   This tradition is not only in Moldova but also in Romania and Bulgaria and also residents meet with the arrival of spring Martisors chest.



International Women's Day - March 8


Национальные праздники

    In early March has held another event where the men of the country becomes a little more attentive to the wishes of their beautiful women, seeking the most desirable gifts.

   The reason for this is near sărbătoarii vălmăşeli, International Women's Day which is celebrated on March 8, announced that the annual day of rest. On this day men are usually very careful with representations of the fair sex, are a lot of compliments, flowers and gifts given.

   The only thing they could complain to the ladies, is the fact that the 8th of March is only once a year.



Victory Day - May 9


Национальные праздники

    On 9 May of each year, thousands of Chisinau residents coming to Heroes Memorial to lay flowers at the grave of the Unknown Soldier, from Chisinau. Also wreaths at the monument, are deposited and the country's leaders, heads of diplomatic missions of foreign states.

   The set dates of 1975, as I. Poniatovskii sculptors, A. Maiko, and architect A. Minaev. The Memorial is situated within the military cemetery. It is constructed of six panels, which is moments from the war, and an obelisk in the stylized forms of the five weapons oblique angle, forming a pyramid in the center of the memorial. At its base is a pentagram, which is located in the center of the pipeline with "memory eternal fire."

   People also call this celebration of May 9, Victory Day. This holiday show will forever remain a deep respect and gratitude to the officers and soldiers who fought against fascism. 9th of May in the Republic is declared holiday.


Independence Day - August 27


Национальные праздники

   Independence Day is celebrated in Moldova on 27 August. It is celebrated in 1991, following the collapse of the USSR, Moldova declared its independence, becoming a sovereign and independent.

   This feast is recorded as an official day of rest. The President usually takes a congratulatory speech to the nation. In Chisinau, Moldova and other cities are organized concerts, folk festivals, fairs, etc..




Our Language - August 31

Национальные праздники


   In last summer day in Moldova on 31 August is celebrated Nostra language. It was declared as a holiday for state by the imposition of Romanian as official language and adopted the Latin alphabet in Cyrillic exchange. Most heated discussions regarding the question of the Supreme Soviet were held Aug. 31 to say so every day is declared a national holiday in the Republic day of rest.

  On this day, are oragnizate concerts, festivals, parades and of course fair in downtown Chisinau. Usually the head of state honors national poets and writers, all with continuing national dance festivals, with the participation of indigenous and foreign stars.


Town Day - October 14

  Национальные праздники
   Celebrations obiceu finish the year in October, when Chisinau residents celebrate City Day, or as they say Oraşlui Day. Earlier, church celebrations were held on the first Saturday in October, but since 2001 it has been fixed for the official date, 14 October.

   Given day is considered official public holiday for residents of Chisinau. City Day celebration occurs widely throughout the city, the beginning of the parade being outdoors, the President's speech, congratulated the state leadership.

   There are also organized various fairs, exhibitions, concerts, shows where each sector of the city out all their "riches" of his, as more salt at the end of one of them will take place first. Since mid-October in Moldova is still warm enough, many people spend the day outdoors at a picnic or friends.


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