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Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery "Veveriţa" is a recently formed monastic settlement, situated on the outskirts of the village with the same name

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery is located in the village of the same name, Singerei district, 105 km from Chisinau, 40 km from Balti.

Republic of Moldova   Republic of Moldova is situated in south-eastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the west in the north, east and south of Ukraine. The country covers an area of 33.843 km ², of which 472 km ² is water. The total length of 1,389 km of border, 450 km from Romania and 939 km with Ukraine. The spread between 45 and 28 'and 18 º 28' N Longitude (350 km) and 26 ° 40 'and 30 ° 6' E latitude (approximately 150 km). Although Moldova has no coastline, the port on the Danube, on the strip in the 600 meters in Giurgiulesti ensures the delivery of goods by sea.

   Moldova is divided into 32 districts, including three municipalities (Chisinau, Balti and Comrat) and two regions with special status (status disputed) Transnistria and Gagauzia.

   The northern part of the country represented by the outstanding scenery: hills, plateaus. The highest point in the country is located in the north, being "Balanesti Hill, also known as" Peak Myron" from a height of 430 m. The сentral and northern parts of the country is on the" Forest Plateau" and the southern part of the "Bugeac plain". Lowest point: Dniester river -2 m.

   Soils are 745 types of soil. A large part of the chernozem soil represented the very best quality. Arable areas of the country is 53% of the surface.

   Water rivers in Moldova are: Nistru length 657 km, Prut 659 km , Raut 287 km, Coghilnic 243 km , Bic 155 km, Botna 152 km , Ialpug 142 km, Ikela101 km and natural lakes Dracele and Beleu.

   Natural resources: natural building materials (limestone, rock sugar), raw materials for cement, glass, metallurgy, chemical promyshlinost (marginal, chalk, clay, gypsum, gravel). There, small deposits of oil and gas.

   The flora is very diverse and includes about 2300 species of wild plants such as oak, beech, maple, linden, 68 species of mammals: foxes, wild deer, roe deer, wild boar, etc., 270 species of birds and 10.000 species of invertebrates, many of which, unfortunately, included in the Red Book.

   Moldova is located in the continental temperate climate zone, about halfway between the equator and the North Pole. The general movement of air masses in the atmosphere mainly from the north-west Atlantic and south-west. Average temperatures range from north to south from 7,5 ° C and 10 ° C and soil 10 ° C and 12 ° C. In Moldova, there are approximately 2060-2360 hours of sunshine a year.


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