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Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery "Veveriţa" is a recently formed monastic settlement, situated on the outskirts of the village with the same name

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery is located in the village of the same name, Singerei district, 105 km from Chisinau, 40 km from Balti.

  Balti its urban history during any two centuries had two heraldic symbols. The first symbol was the emblem of the land use Bessarabian Science (1884 - renamed the land of Balti), Balti capital is approved by the Russian Emperor Nicholas I on 2 April 1826. Represent a rectangular shield of arms, pointed at the bottom (French born), enclosed in a box, which is placed on the field profile of a horse head left. Field color is red emblem, and the horse head was represented as silver.

   In official documents explaining the symbolic emblem as follows:

   "Former Science Seal of the province during the Turkish rule was a horse, but after the annexation of Bessarabia to Russia as part of the region went into its composition, and another was under suzeraniatatea Turkey, in memory of this separation is a key emblem of the land horse on a red background.

   Coat Balti County, from 1826, Moldovan historical land division symbolized Science, which included Marsh until 1812, which was a horse entire heraldic insignia.

  The origin of the emblem Iasi horse was not sufficiently explained to date. For Science = Balti Basarabia County, but during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, have been widely invoked as possible explanations trade in horses from county fairs and horse in Balti Balti steppe, interpretatorii disregarding the fact that the horse appears as heraldic Iasi county coat of arms long before the nineteenth century. Some county and municipal institutions during their own signs using the city where the emblem used (Zemstvo, for example).
This emblem was a county. The same as it was reapproved for the county in 1928 Balti, Balti and existing county 1999-2003.

  Balti arms was introduced by Royal Decree of 31 July 1930 and had the following official description:
"On the red shield, a silver mound, which sits on top of a kneeling archer Moldovan, silver, stretching the left arc. All backed by a blue undată water from leaving the mound to the left and right one cane rush, gold, gold all three sheets. Stamped shield a mural crown with seven guard towers symbolize ostăşească old and fighting in the region of Moldova. " It is obvious also that the water rushes undată and wires appear as a mobile striking, with reference to the name of the city. This emblem was the heraldic emblem of the city next to the confluence with Rautel Raut own emblem and the first city.

  Originally, the mural crown was composed of five guns that designated district resident. In 1930, the mural crown is replaced with one made up of seven guns, which means the status of the city which he had Balti.

  During the Soviet era arms Balti was deliberately forgotten. In 70s of XX century was devised new coat of arms: on the background of industrial enterprises was the hero of the story represented the Crooked Wood. Arms represent the strength and progress of communism in city development.

  Balti arms adopted in 2006

  With the national revival of the '90s, Urba emblem resumed use of the interwar period, but in 1996, county authorities have decided to use the emblem of 1826. The two herburi entered into a political conflict. Nationalists claimed the archer coat and românofobii - horse head emblem. One reason cited by those left behind is arch orientation, alolingvii said that it's good to aim the arrow to the east, ie to Russia [48]. November emblem project has been frozen until 2006.

  In the winter of 2005 the mayor, Vasile Panciuc, National Commission launched a proposal to reopen Heraldic emblem, according to finalize it. On March 30, 2006 City Council approved the new flagship of Balti city. New Seal of Balti is:

  "Shield of twelve pieces of silver brindle and blue, over which an archer broşează feet, face and hands of carnation, wearing red clothes and shoes, golden armor, sword and quiver of arrows on his hip in the back, the same metal, senestra and pulling a spring, also gold. Stamped shield a silver mural crown with seven towers. Supports two horses prance affront, of silver. "

  At the same time was developed and adopted the new flag of Balti, which is actually the first in its history, is: a rectangular cloth (1 x 2), cut and wearing a blue and white in the middle of a heraldic shield (high 1 / 2 blade ha) with small arms Balti: skipjack twelve pieces, white and blue, over which an archer broşează feet, face and hands of carnation, wearing robes and red shoes, yellow armor, sword and quiver of arrows hip back, the same color, and pulling a spring senestra also yellow.

The explanation of new symbols is as follows:

Striped shield of twelve pieces of silver and blue, symbolizing the process of arms revealing the name of the city, which is the plural form of the common noun "pool." In heraldry, enamel silver is water and sky blue color, this coat of arms - the mirror of the sky reflected in water.

Archer, Home Furniture heraldic shield is retained in the first municipal emblem approved on 31 July 1930. In 1930, the archer emblem symbolize the "old guard ostăşească and struggles in this region of Moldova." The meaning has not changed in nine arms. The new flagship archer was dressed in robes and armor as an archer in the Moldovan army during Stephen the Great.

Silver mural crown with seven towers stamped heraldic shield of the old city status means that it is Balti.
Supports emblem - two silver horses affront - symbolizes the historical territorial administrative units which was part of the city. Horse dextra refers to the historical land of Iasi, the capital of Iasi, whose emblem was a horse going. Horse senestra refers to the land / County Bessarabian Science / Balti, whose residence was always in Balti


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