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Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery "Veveriţa" is a recently formed monastic settlement, situated on the outskirts of the village with the same name

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery is located in the village of the same name, Singerei district, 105 km from Chisinau, 40 km from Balti.

Monastery Frumoasa     The cloister has been founded in this place not in vain.Once upon a time a widower Efrem Jurcu arrived tothis marvellous place from Oliscani village with thedesire to take his monastic vows. The loss or his wiemust have shocked him deeply. As described by ajournalist Sarbu in the almanac “The Monasteries or Bessarabia” (1995), a bit later by the request or Efremthree more monastic priests arrived to the place:Seraphim, Ioaniky and Makary, and monk Athanasiustogether with them.

    All or them embarked on workat once: they made dugouts in the forest and settledtherein.Efrem Jurcu had the proving documents onhim that entitled him to use a plot or the land wherethe modern convent is located. Yet, the plot or thewidower was ridiculously small. The residents or Bravicea settlement helped—they presented theland to the hermits, and in addition Efrem was ableto purchase a bit more.

    In the year 1805 they consecrated the site for construction orf the frst wooden temple. Theresidents or Bravicea settlement helped the monksresiding in the dugouts to construct a refectory andcells. The icon or St. Nicolas that used to decorate the first wooden church has survived till nowadays. Thereis an inscription on the icon reading that the churchwas consecrated in the year 1810.The belrry was erected in the year 1840, while in1851 they substituted the wooden church with a newwarm stone church “Dormition or the Theotokos”meant for summer worship. There is no precise dataas to when the winter church was constructed, yetit is known functioning since the middle or XVIIIcentury.In the year 1947 the cloister was oppressedand abolished, while the premises were used as anorphanage.

    17 years after the establishment was usedas a boarding school for children with handicappedhearing. In 1973 the monastery was turned intoa penitentiary for minor girls. And 13 years afterit became a boarding school for mentally insanechildren. The nuns came here only in 1994, who havebeen trying to rehabilitate the cloister in the course or recent years. At present Frumoasa monastery sees amuseum or old manuscripts and books, culture andlocal lore.

   The monastery Frumoasa, to store a piece of wood of the Cross (donation of Metropolitan John, Bishop of Portugal and Brazil) and bits of sf. Relics of:

  1. Sf. Ap. Andrei cel întai chemat
  2. Sf. Ap. Evg. Marcu
  3. Sf. Dr. Lazăr cel înviat a 4 zi
  4. Sf. Ap. Zaheu Vameşul
  5. Sf. Ierarh Nicolae, făcătorul de minuni din Mira Lichiei
  6. Sf. Ierarh Vasile cel Mare
  7. Sf. Ierarh Atanasie cel Mare
  8. Sf. Ierarh Ioan cel Milostiv
  9. Sf. Ierarh Grigore al Acragandei
  10. Sf. Ierarh Ignatie (Breanceaninov)
  11. Sf. Ierah Filaret (Drozdov), Mitropolitul Moscovei
  12. Sf. Ierarh Nectarie de Eghina
  13. Sf. Mmc. Gheorghe, purtătorul de biruinţe
  14. Sf. Mmc. Pantelimon, tămăduitorul
  15. Sf. Mmc. Mercurie
  16. Sf. Mmc. Iacov Persul
  17. Sf. Mmc. Varvara
  18. Sf. 14000 prunci omorâţi de Irod
  19. Cuv. Pimen cel Mare
  20. Cuv. Ioan Colibaşul
  21. Cuv. Efrem Sirul
  22. Cuvioşi mucenici din pustiul Hozeva omorâţi de arabi
  23. Cuvioşi mucenici din m-rea sf. Sava
  24. Cuv. Serghie de la Radonej
  25. Cuv. Serafim de la Sarov
  26. Cuv. Ambrozie de la Optina
  27. Cuv. Nil de la Stolobensk
  28. Cuv. Muc. Elizaveta (Romanova)
  29. Cuv. Parascheva de la Iaşi
  30. Cuv. Alexandra de la Diveevo
  31. Cuv. Marta de la Diveevo
  32. Fericita Matroana de la Moscova
  33. Sf. Muc. Atanasie de la Bârnova
  34. Sf. Muc. Eutihie
  35. Cuv. Vichentie (Malau)
  36. Cuv. Antim (Găină)
  37. Unknown Holy Neamt (probably cuv. Paisie Velicicovski)



  • Frumoasa Village or Calarasi region.Tel.: (+373 244) 38-029, mob.: (+373) 796-70-171


Monastery FrumoasaMonastery FrumoasaMonastery FrumoasaMonastery Frumoasa
Monastery FrumoasaMonastery FrumoasaMonastery FrumoasaMonastery Frumoasa
Monastery FrumoasaMonastery FrumoasaMonastery FrumoasaMonastery Frumoasa
Monastery FrumoasaMonastery FrumoasaMonastery FrumoasaMonastery Frumoasa


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