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Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery "Veveriţa" is a recently formed monastic settlement, situated on the outskirts of the village with the same name

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery is located in the village of the same name, Singerei district, 105 km from Chisinau, 40 km from Balti.

Monastery Vărzăreşti

  Varzaresti Monastery is located on top of the hill the border village of the same name, according to documentation, is considered the oldest monasteries of Bessarabia. The first mention of the monastery dates back to the fifteenth century, 25 April 1420, the royal charter of Alexander the Good, which gives him or Venetian nobleman, which strengthens them some land, which is the border Monastery Kisno-Varzareva " . The royal charter to read this sentence: "The mercy of God we Prince Alexander, Prince of Moldavia, do we know this book to all who will see or hear reading it ... and the boundaries of these villages are the start of the monastery's Bocovăţ Varzari. Stan was the founder of the monastery Varzari and stayed with the name of the village and monastery Varzaresti.

  A longer period the monastery was occupied by the Tatars, leaving only one in the eighteenth century. Then start recostrucţia monastery, which has occupied the rector Macarescu Constantin, Vasile priest with his father, the latter wearing the monastic robe later named Barlaam From these worthy priests at the monastery remained Gospel from 1773 to 1742 and Paschalion , objects of worship which after 1918 will no longer be part of the heritage of the monastery but will be placed in the National Museum of Chisinau.

   In 1862 the monastery had a single church dedicated to "St. Demetrius" which was of wood, covered with shingles, built on the site of an old church, built by the rector Macarevici, dated 1796, which in its composition have a bell to date in 1815. Even if the beginning was a monastery for men in 1815 changed the status of the monastery. Thus the nuns live Varzaresti go to the hermitage abolished Cosauti Soroca County. Upon arrival at Varzaresti nuns, the abbess congregation Siglitichia nun who became abbots in 1815 until 1817, and from this year until 1919 the monastery was taken over leadership of the nun nun Nazaria followed by the abbots Anisia time longer by the year 1835. In place of the wooden church, was built in 1863 a stone church. During 1867 the abbess of the monastery's leadership Dogaru Olympics, the summer church iconostasis was built and a year later - 1868, the church was built Winter St. Dumitru, being framed building changed in comparison with the abbess. But monks Olympics merits have not done here, all it is the endeavor which was built with stone wall and three încojoară monastery cells bodies in November. Since 1944 farm monastery was confiscated by the Russians.

   On 10 June 1959, the then abbot was Platonida Caelîc arrive representatives of Soviet power, led by Soviet President Fyodor Scofari village to announce the closure of the monastery. So all the icons are lowered, religious books, archives, treasures are burned and the bells taken down. Two churches were closed, the nuns were allowed to continue living in their boxes. The monastic complex was devastated, and the bell tower and a block of houses that sheltered workshop for weaving and sewing were completely destroyed. Summer Church "St. Demetrius" was turned into a food warehouse, and the winter club. Over time, the whole monastery reached a sorry state.
In 1990, at the request of the monks and Christians in the village, the monastery was restored. Even if villagers began reconstruction of the monastery in 1990, the congregation of the monastery becomes operational only in 1994 when the nun halt Varzaresti Georgy Pie as abbess and abbot pie Seraphim as a priest-confessor of the congregation. Church dedicated to St. Demetrius "is still in process of restoration, the walls are ready to be painted. Dimensions of the church were 27 m long and 11 m wide church has a cruciform plan, with a ship and a tower semicercularăîn center, bell above the porch. In 1997 the monastery was restored Varzaresti miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary that was removed from the monastery in 1959. The monastery also has a large number of bits of relics of various saints.

   Varzaresti Monastery remains in the hearts of the faithful from Bessarabia to monasticism was opened in our country as a veritable tower of hope and faith that will watch over time as a true witness to the faith people Basarabia.



  • Varzaresti Village or Nisporeni region.Tel.: (+373 264) 23-900
Monastery VărzăreştiMonastery VărzăreştiMonastery VărzăreştiMonastery Vărzăreşti
Monastery VărzăreştiMonastery VărzăreştiMonastery VărzăreştiMonastery Vărzăreşti
Monastery VărzăreştiMonastery VărzăreştiMonastery VărzăreştiMonastery Vărzăreşti
Monastery VărzăreştiMonastery VărzăreştiMonastery VărzăreştiMonastery Vărzăreşti


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