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Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery Veveriţa

Monastery "Veveriţa" is a recently formed monastic settlement, situated on the outskirts of the village with the same name

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery

Bocancea Monastery is located in the village of the same name, Singerei district, 105 km from Chisinau, 40 km from Balti.

Balti Branch: MD-3100, mun.Balti, str. Stefan cel Mare, 28
Ungheni Branch: MD-3601, mun. Ungheni, str. Romana 26/2
Orhei Branch: MD-3500, or. Orhei, str. Negruzzi, 10 A
Cahul Branch: MD-3901, or. Cahul, str. Stefan cel Mare 24g/1

“Aeroport” Agency: MD-2060, mun. Chisinau, bd. Dacia 80/3
Agency num. 1 Chisinau: MD-2045, mun. Chisinau, str. M. Basarab, 5/1
Agency num. 2 Chisinau: MD-2071, mun. Chisinau, bd. Alba Iulia, 206
Agency num. 3 Chisinau: MD-2075, mun. Chisinau, str. Igor Vieru 13/1
Agency num. 4 Chisinau: MD-2038, mun. Chisinau, str. Trandafir,1
Agency num. 5 Chisinau: MD-2038, mun. Chisinau, bd. Dacia, 15/1
Agency num. 6 Chisinau: MD-2002, mun. Chisinau, bd. Stefan cel Mare, 103
Agency num. 7 Chisinau: MD-2020, Chisinau, str. Calea Orheiului, 107/1
Agency num. 8 Chisinau: MD-2019, mun. Chisinau, str. Grenoble 165/3
Agency num. 9 Chisinau: MD-2068, mun. Chisinau, str. Bogdan Voevod 1/1
Agency num.10 Chisinau: MD-2070, mun. Chisinau, sos. Hincesti, 145
Agency num. 11 Chisinau: MD-2026, mun. Chisinau, bd. Dacia 44
Agency num. 12 Chisinau: MD 2046 mun.Chisinau, city Vadul-lui-Voda, Stefan cel Mare 2/2 str.
Agency num. 13 Chisinau: MD-2012, mun. Chisinau, str. Puskin, 15
Agency num. 14 Chisinau: MD-2032, mun. Chisinau, str. Titulescu, 47A
Agency num. 15 Chisinau: MD-4839, mun. Chisinau, Stauceni, str. A. Mateevici, 9A
Agency num. 16 Chisinau: MD-2071, mun. Chisinau, bd. Alba Iulia 198
Agency num. 17 Chisinau: MD-2005, mun. Chisinau, bd. Renasterii, 23/32
Agency num. 18 Chisinau: MD-2068, mun. Chisinau, str. Studentilor, 2/2
Agency Nr.1 Balti: MD-3100, mun. Balti, 1, market V. Alecsandri, (pavilion “Bolgarskii Dom”)
Agency Nr.2 Balti: MD-3100, mun. Balti, 4/12, Vasile Alexandri street
Agency Nr.3 Balti: MD-3100, mun. Balti, str. V. Alexandri, 2
Agency num. 4 Balti: MD-3100, mun. Balti, str. Bulgara, 21
Agency num. 5 Balti: MD-3100, mun. Balti, Alecsandru cel Bun street, 5
Agency num. 6 Balti: MD-3100, mun. Balti, str. Stefan cel Mare, 57
Agency num. 7 Balti: MD-3100, Balti, str. Hotin, 17
Agency num. 8 Balti: MD-3100, mun. Balti, str. Stefan cel Mare 6/1
Agency num. 1 Unghen: MD-3600, mun. Ungheni, str. Bernardazzi w/n
Agency num. 2 Ungheni: MD-3601, or. Ungheni, str. Vlad Tepes, 15, num.3
Agency num. 3 Ungheni: MD-3601, Ungheni, str. Nationala, 34, num. 4
Agency num. 4 Ungheni: MD-3601, MD-3601, Ungheni, str. V. Alecsandri 2
Agency num. 2 Orhei: MD-3500, Orhei, str. Vasile Lupu, 39/9
Agency num. 3 Orhei: MD-3500, Orhei, str. V. Lupu, 23/3
Agency num. 1 Ialoveni: MD-6801, or. Ialoveni, Alecsandru cel Bun street, 94
Agency num. 1 Straseni: MD-3701, or. Straseni, M. Eminescu street, 19A


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